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The Academy for Classical Education - where teachers can teach, and students will learn!  ~ 2020 National Blue Ribbon School

Administrative & Support Staff


Support Services
2-3 (EIP Reading & Math) Mary Ann Coker [email protected]
4-5 (EIP Reading & Math) Carla Cox [email protected]
K-1 (EIP Reading & Math) Shauna Dixon [email protected]
K-1 (EIP Reading & Math) Lauren Austin [email protected]
SPED - Coordinator Brittany Mulvaney [email protected]
SPED K-5 Stacy Mills [email protected]
SPED K-5 Christy Mills [email protected]
SPED K-5 Jennifer Fry [email protected]
SPED 6-12 Rebecca Kerner [email protected]
SPED 6-12 Serena Odeh [email protected]
SPED 6-12 Memory Murphy [email protected]
SPED Tavon Mason [email protected]
SPED Para Caroline Haralson [email protected]
Speech Robyn Foster [email protected]
Speech Kristi Hilliard [email protected]
ESL Roban Johnson [email protected]
Occup. Therapy Stacy Starr [email protected]
Phys. Therapy Lara Hotchkiss [email protected]
Psychologist Danielle Kindelin [email protected]

Administrative & Support Staff
Financial Offices
Pat Kelly Chief Financial Officer [email protected]
Jennifer Ballard Inventory Specialist [email protected]
Jessica Bury Financial Operations Coordinator [email protected]
Candace Fry Financial Review Coordinator [email protected]
Angie Mathes Office Manager [email protected]
Kimberly Turner Business Manager [email protected]
Josh McLendon Athletic Director [email protected]
Joanna Balkcom Athletic Administrative Asst. [email protected]
Kristen Peterec Dean of Guidance (9-12)
Cortney Jones K-5 Guidance [email protected]
Alison Mitchell 6-8 Guidance [email protected]
Setal Patel Registrar [email protected]
Lisa Howard Registrar Clerk [email protected]
Front Office    
Donna Lumpkin Main Office [email protected]
Kimberly Cook B Building & Attendance Clerk [email protected]
Dianne Patterson B Building    [email protected]
Amber Merschat Librarian/Media Specialist [email protected]
Carol Tyner Librarian/Media Specialist [email protected]
Melissa Smith Library Clerk [email protected]
Yolanda Haithcock Registered Nurse [email protected]
Rachel Richardson Registered Nurse [email protected]
Becca Prather Asst. Testing Coordinator
Director - After-School Program
[email protected]
Greg Abernathy Campus Security [email protected]
Howard Street Campus Security [email protected]
Nancy Kistler Fine Arts Adm. Assistant
Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]
Michelle Gowan Teacher Support Specialist [email protected]
Robby Jones Assistant Dean of Students [email protected]
Lara Relyea Director of Compliance [email protected]
Esterine Stokes Co-Founder/Chief Academic Officer [email protected]
Laura Perkins Co-Founder/Principal/CEO [email protected]