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Student Handbook/Code of Conduct

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“Anne Cunningham, renowned cognitive psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley, explains that reading is a “very rich, complex, and cognitive act” (2003) that offers an immense opportunity to exercise our intelligence in ways we lose if we don’t read. Hundreds of correlated studies demonstrate that the most successful students read the most, while those who struggle read the least.” Lois Bridges, Ph.D 2015

“The most accurate predictors of student achievement in school are not family income or social status, but the extent to which the family creates a home environment that encourages learning, communicates high yet reasonable expectations for the child’s achievement, and becomes involved in the child’s education at school.”
National PTA. 2000. Building Successful Partnerships: A Guide for Developing Parent and Family Involvement Programs. Bloomington, Indiana: National Education Service

The above comments highlight two of what we believe are the most important parts of a student’s success in school: reading and parental involvement. At ACE, our students are given the opportunity to read a wide breadth of materials that meet both academic intensity and pleasure. Whether they intend to move from high school to college or they make other choices, ACE hopes to have filled them intellectually so that they have a perspective for life and can use that perspective in making decisions about their future. We do not want our ACE Scholars to be listless recipients of any and all information; rather, we want them to be able to sift information for grains of truth before accepting that information.

We know that in order for young people to meet their full potential, they must be well-read, able to articulate their thoughts and ideas, and able to control themselves in all situations. Learning self- control is a habit that we develop over the years when we find ourselves making a mistake and having to face the consequences. In order to help all of our ACE Scholars and their family understand the expectations we have for one another, we provide this Handbook which also contains our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct very specifically provides information on behaviors that we see as problematic and the consequence. Even more importantly, it is very important for students to understand that their behaviors- good and bad- impact others. Our youngest Scholars watch our older Scholars and are in awe of them. That is a weighty mantle to carry! At ACE, we do expect the best from everyone. We ask all ACE Scholars and their parents to review this Handbook and Code of Conduct so that they too, understand our expectations.

We make no excuses for saying that we do expect our Scholars to behave to the best of their ability. We expect that of ourselves as well. We expect all who enter the doors of ACE to be the best version of themselves; to work with diligence and honor; to respect themselves and others; and to seek truth goodness and beauty in all things. When we all adhere to these expectations, the ACE world truly is a better place.

Please remember that ACE came about because there were parents in this community who agreed with us that there could be a better way to educate children. Parents who believed that as parents it was their job to parent, and the school’s job to educate. When both parties hold up their end of the agreement this works well. That is why we invite parents to volunteer at ACE. We want our ACE Scholars to see that their parents believe in the work they are doing and see the value in learning. When the school and the parents are on the same team, wonderful things happen for students!



Here’s to a great 6th year!



Laura Perkins                                                            Esterine Stokes

Complex Principal-Founder                                       Chief Academic Officer-Founder