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Students in grades 6-12 may rent a locker for $10.00. Students may not share lockers and the student renting the locker will be held responsible for any items in his/her locker. Lockers may not be decorated with any stick-on material that cannot be removed. Do not jam the locking mechanism on the locker with a pencil/pen or any other object (this damaged the lock). Any damage or cost of cleaning the locker will be the responsibility of the student’s parent. Students should NEVER leave food or drink in their lockers or on top of their lockers. Students may not congregate in the locker area. Get what you need and move on to class!
Student Locker Registration: 
  1. Do so using the School Pay website ( 
  2. Make sure you are selecting the correct student for each transaction.
  3. Make sure you are entering the correct homeroom teacher for the 24-25 school year.
  4. Questions – email