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Miscellaneous » Summer Work - Grades 6-12

Summer Work - Grades 6-12

Students in ALL grade levels are expected to complete summer work in Reading and Math.   This work is expected to be completed by the first day of school, August 2, 2021 and will be graded accordingly.  Failure to have the work on August 2, 2021  will result in the student receiving a grade of zero (0).
Students should complete the summer Reading packet for the grade they will be entering in August, 2021.  Students should complete the summer Math packet for the course he/she will be entering in August, 2021.
Note:  If a student is retained and he/she is attending summer school, then the student should complete the summer work for the next grade-level (assuming they will pass in summer school).  If the student does not pass the course in summer school and is not promoted, then the teacher of the retained grade level will accept the summer work for the upper level course. 
For example:  Johnny fails 6th grade and does not attend summer school.  Johnny will do summer work for 6th grade.    Linda fails 6th grade and attends summer school.  In hopes of passing 6th grade ELA and Math in summer school, Linda will complete summer work for 7th grade.  If Linda does poorly in summer school and is not promoted, then Linda's 6th grade teachers will accept the 7th grade summer work.
SUMMER READING If you have questions, please email:
6th Grade Summer Reading
7th Grade Summer Reading
Note: Either of the following ISBN will be fine for the following books:
  • Anne Frank 9780553296983 OR 9780553577129 
  • To Kill a Mockingbird 9780446310789 OR 9780060935467 
9th Grade Summer Reading
10th Grade Summer Reading
11th Grade Summer Reading
12th Grade Summer Reading
**If students are enrolled in an Advanced Placement class, they will have different summer assignments from those listed above.