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The Academy for Classical Education - where teachers can teach, and students will learn!  ~ 2020 National Blue Ribbon School

Student Handbook/Code of Conduct

The Academy for Classical Education

Expectations of Conduct for all ACE Scholars




We are not reading books merely to check off a list or to be able to say we have read them.  We are reading to grow as persons, to know more that we may understand more, and ultimately, it is hoped, to act according to our greater wisdom.  Karen Glass


Welcome to a new school year filled with new opportunities!


In 2014, we established a vision of a school where teachers could teach and students would learn.  We have made great progress in making this vision a reality.  No matter where we go, the first thing people most often comment upon is the amount of work we give!   We don’t deny it!  Like our writer above, we know that the more we read,  the more we learn, the better the opportunity for us to become the people we are meant to be. 


We know that in order for young people to meet their full potential, they must be well-read, able to articulate their thoughts and ideas, and able to control themselves in all situations.  Learning self-control is a habit that we develop over the years when we find ourselves making a mistake and having to face the consequences.  In order to help all of our ACE Scholars and their family understand the expectations we have for one another, we provide this Handbook which also contains our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct very specifically provides information on behaviors that we see as problematic and the consequence.  Even more importantly, it is very important for students to understand that their behaviors- good and bad- impact others.   Our youngest Scholars watch our older Scholars and are in awe of them.  That is a weighty mantle to carry!   At ACE, we do expect the best from everyone.  We ask all ACE Scholars and their parents to review this Handbook and Code of Conduct so that they too, understand our expectations. 


We make no excuses for saying that we do expect our Scholars to behave to the best of their ability.  We expect that of ourselves as well.  We expect all who enter the doors of ACE to be the best version of themselves; to work with diligence and honor; to respect themselves and others; and to seek truth goodness and beauty in all things.  When we all adhere to these expectations, the ACE world truly is a better place. 


Please remember that ACE came about because there were parents in this community who agreed with us that there could be a better way to educate children.  Parents who believed that as parents it was their job to parent, and the school’s job to educate.   When both parties hold up their end of the agreement this works well.  That is why we invite parents to volunteer at ACE.  We want our ACE Scholars to see that their parents believe in the work they are doing and see the value in learning.  When the school and the parents are on the same team, wonderful things happen for students!


Here’s to a great 9th year!



Laura Perkins                                                                                  Esterine Stokes

Complex Principal-Founder                                                             Chief Academic Officer-Founder