At ACE, we strongly encourage our parents to volunteer at the school or at school activities.  We believe that when students see their parents active in the school environment, it reinforces the connection between school and home.
Anyone who volunteers in a capacity that directly involves our students must be fingerprinted for a background check and view the Child Abuse Prevention Powerpoint.
Parents will have many opportunities to volunteer their time both at school and at home.  Volunteer sign-ups will be available throughout the school year.  Other opportunities are announced throughout the school year.
All parents are expected to volunteer a minimum of 20 service hours per school year.  Anyone associated with a family can volunteer on behalf of a child.  We use TrackItForward for parents to log their volunteer hours.

Step 1:  View the Child Abuse Prevention Powerpoint.


Step 2:  Print the Background Packet (below).


Step 3: Complete and return the forms to our main office (Attention: Chief Will Ferrel).


Step 4: Please keep a log of your volunteer hours and donations.