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UPDATE February 23, 2018


The Pre-Admission Application opened January 1, 2018 and ended January 31, 2018 and the lottery ran February 16.  Our wait-list runs from lottery to lottery so if any openings are available from this point forward, students will be pulled from the 2018 lottery.


If you did not submit a pre-admission application prior to the lottery, you may submit an application at this time and your child's name will be added to the bottom of the wait list.  There is a wait list for EVERY grade level K-12.



ACE is only open to students residing in Bibb County.







The pre-admission application period for the Academy for Classical Education is held each year from January 1 - 31.  The lottery is held in February.



Admission for 2018-2019


The pre-admission application will be available on the ACE website ( from January 1-31, 2018.  This application does not guarantee enrollment, but rather includes the child’s name in the lottery.  The application will close at midnight on January 31. 
  • Parents of students who are currently enrolled at ACE for the 2017-2018  school year do NOT need to reapply for 2018-2019 but will need to declare their intentions.  You will receive an email regarding Schoolmint and how you will update your child's information.
  • Parents of students who are currently enrolled at ACE and have siblings who would like to be enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year, will need to submit an application for the sibling.  You will receive a personal email with instructions.
    • A sibling is considered a blood relative (brother or sister) to the enrolled student.
    • A step-brother/sister is considered a sibling provided the child is living in the same household with the enrolled student.
    • An adopted child is considered a sibling provided the child is living in the same household with the enrolled student.
    • Siblings must complete a pre-admission application but will be given priority during the lottery.  Parents will receive a personal email with instructions.
  • All individuals who have submitted an application during the January pre-admission period will be notified electronically through Schoolmint.  
  • The lottery will be held Thursday, February 15, 2018.  If your child's name is selected during the lottery, you will receive an email or text message (depending on the preference you indicate on the pre-admission application).  You will then have 3 days to accept or deny the offer for enrollment.  If you fail to respond within 3 days, the child's name will be removed.
  •  The following procedures are established to ensure an objective, orderly, fair and truly random enrollment process.


    • The Enrollment Officer (Schoolmint)  is responsible for ensuring that all applicants within the lottery pool are verified, that qualified individuals are conducting the lottery, that the lottery procedure is established and tested and that the names of all families who are eligible for or subject to the lottery are included in the lottery pool.  
    • Prior to the lottery, ACE will hold a drawing to determine in what order each grade level will be called at the lottery.  Members of PTO or the Student Government must be present at that time and a student representative will draw the numbers.  (This event will be videotaped and provided on the school website.)
    • The lottery will be conducted by a qualified lottery administrator (Schoolmint).
    • Georgia law provides that a district-authorized charter school may give enrollment preference to a sibling of a student enrolled in the school, a student whose parent or guardian is a member of the governing board of the charter school, or is a full-time teacher, professional, or other employee at the charter school.  
    • For those grades in which there are no available seats, the lottery process will be conducted to determine wait list order.  The school shall determine if enrollment preference and lottery preference rules shall apply in the case of grades with no available slots, particularly as it relates to waiting list preference.  *Note: Only siblings of currently enrolled students, children of individuals employed by the Academy for Classical Education, or children of ACE Governing Boards members shall be given priority.
    • The lottery process as well as any irregularities will be documented in writing as well as a record of any corrective action measures taken to overcome an irregularity.
    • The school’s governing board shall make provisions for the Principal to retain the authority to take any and all actions necessary to correct or remedy an irregularity at their discretion as deemed necessary to maintain an objective, orderly, fair and truly random lottery process.  Any such discretion, when exercised must comply with state law and be documented in writing.
    • After the lottery has taken place, applications may still be submitted but the child would be put at the bottom of the wait list. For example, applicants’ names will be added to the wait list in the order they are received via the electronic application.  The wait list remains active until the next lottery is held.
    • When an opening becomes available in a grade level, the first applicant on the wait list will be contacted via email.  The parent/guardian will be given 72 hours (3 days) to respond.  If there is no response, the Enrollment Officer will move to the next applicant on the wait list. 
    • If it becomes necessary to pull from the wait list within the week prior to school starting or after school has begun, the first 3 applicants on the wait list will be contacted and the first one to respond (within 24 hours) will be given the opportunity to enroll – so as to speed up enrollment.