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The mission of the Academy for Classical Education is to build the foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for children to become independent learners for life.

The Academy for Classical Education is a public charter school that opened in August of 2014.  There are few decisions in a parent’s life that affect the life of their child besides the education they choose for that child.  Making the right choice can be challenging and complicated and every child does not fit every school.  That is why today, school choice is so necessary.  For education to be effective, it must go beyond the superficial.  Truly effective education elevates the thinking process, enables students to better articulate their thinking and convey that thinking clearly and persuasively.  In order to accomplish this, a school must set rigorous academic standards, must have a dedication to order and discipline, and must focus on establishing high expectations for student work and behavior.  A classical education is not for the faint of heart; parents and students who attend classical schools understand homework, summer work and a great deal of on-going reading are an integral part of the classical experience.  A classical education is demanding of the student and the parent.  Students frequently have homework during the week, on the weekends, during holidays and during the summer.  A classical education enables students to learn how to think, not what to think.  Classical schools utilize the Trivium whereby students are taught based on strategies appropriate to the age of the child.  Historically, it is the classical model that has produced the great leaders and thinkers of all time.  Classically educated students are taught skills that enable them to truly become not only lifetime learners but individuals who appreciate learning for a lifetime and who develop scholastic discipline. 


ACE Leadership made a commitment to provide parents and students with rigorous educational opportunities rich in academics, steeped in the arts and layered with extracurricular opportunities at every level starting as early as Kindergarten.  Students as early as 3rd grade begin learning Latin. 


ACE welcomes interested parents to visit and learn more about the classical model utilized at ACE and encourages parents to consider ACE as an educational possibility for their child and their family.  ACE truly is a family commitment because we encourage families to donate their time and talents throughout the school year in any area that they believe best fits. 


At ACE, we strive for our ACE Scholars to be prepared for success in the classroom, in college, and in life by developing core values of honesty and integrity, perseverance and persistence as well as the ability to be the best version of themselves in every setting.  The world is a difficult place to negotiate without having the ability to understand hard work, timeliness, a sense of duty and compassion.  ACE strives to instill the rigors of academic excellence counter-balanced by the qualities needed to lead a fruitful life.    


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.   ~ Nelson Mandela