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The Academy for Classical Education - where teachers can teach, and students will learn!
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Mission & Vision

The mission of the Academy for Classical Education is to build the foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for children to become independent learners for life.

At ACE we believe the following:
  • Students in Bibb County WANT and DESERVE a rigorous, structured educational experience.
  • By fully developing the life of the mind, students will become better citizens, better consumers, and more involved in the community and the world in which they live.
  • If we expect the best and demand it, we will get the BEST results.

ACE will be committed to continuous improvement based on six school-wide goals upon which all decisions will be made:
  1. To protect and ensure the integrity of the teaching/learning environment.
  2. To ensure that all financial expenditures and human resource decisions align with preserving the integrity of the teaching/learning environment.
  3. To provide a rigorous, relevant educational experience for all ACE students in a student-centered environment that encourages students to think and analyze the experiences they encounter, and to develop life skills that will enable them to be creative, self-directing, productive members of the Macon/Bibb County community or any setting in which they may find themselves.
  4. To provide a holistic educational experience for all ACE students, making sure that the individual skills of each student is fostered and allowed to grow.
  5. To utilize all resources both inside the school community as well as the Macon/Bibb County community to bring innovation and expertise to the learning process for ACE students.
  6. To encourage parents to participate in the ACE learning experience by providing opportunities for volunteerism and other parental/family leadership roles.