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Performing Arts

The mission of the Performing Arts Department at the Academy for Classical Education is to provide opportunities to our scholars for creativity and performance. It is our desire to foster powerful, independent, life-long musicians and performers through solid, foundational education, school and community performances, and other avenues of creativity.  We hold true to the mission set forth by ACE’s founders and leadership to strive for our ACE Scholars to be prepared for success in the classroom, in college, and in life by developing core values of honesty and integrity, perseverance and persistence as well as the ability to be the best version of themselves in every setting.  The world is a difficult place to negotiate without having the ability to understand hard work, timeliness, a sense of duty and compassion.  ACE strives to instill the rigors of academic excellence counter-balanced by the qualities needed to lead a fruitful life. The Performing Arts Department here at ACE echoes these sentiments and strives for our scholars to be well-prepared for all endeavors, both in academics and performances.   

We invite you to see the many things happening in Chorus, Drama, Orchestra, Jr. High Band and Sr. High Band!

Dan Tyner
Department Chairman - Performing Arts
[email protected]