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Senior High Band

A Letter from the Director


Dear Scholars and Parents,


            My name is Dan Tyner and I am very proud to be the first band director for the Academy for Classical Education. I will be entering into my twentieth year as a music educator. I feel that as we begin the work of building a tradition of excellence here at ACE, one of the most important aspects of those traditions will be in the Fine Arts. When you graduate from ACE, I want you to have the tools to be a life-long musician. Music can take you so many places in life. It can help you get into college, learn to be a supportive role in a part of a group, opportunities to travel, play in community groups, and a host of other such activities. Music will change your life and can become a major role in shaping who you are and who you will become. I hope that you can learn to appreciate and love music as much as I have other the years. Band has been a part of my life since fourth grade when I started playing the trombone. I want to show you the many opportunities that your developing talent will open for you. This is going to be an exciting time together as we learn for one another what we are truly capable of accomplishing together. And I am confident that we can continue working together and reaching the goals we set for ourselves as individuals and as a band.  


We want this program to have a long standing, rich history of success and being a diplomat for the Academy for Classical Education. We need to take pride in our beginnings, and start growing and building upon this new foundation which has been laid before us. I have the utmost confidence that as we work together, administration, faculty, students, parents, and director, we will have the ACE Pride flowing through the program, if not the entire school. This band program can and will grow in the coming years. But we have to work together in order to make this happen. We need to think about where we want to be a year from now; two years, three, and so on. Ask yourself, what do you want to leave behind for the future Gryphon band members? Do we want a program that is strong in musicianship, playing, active in the community, and is a main part of the school’s spirit or a program that is just good for the website? We need to strive for the pride of the ACE band to be a dominating force in our school, our community, our district, and the state. The talent is here, the desire to work is here, now we just need to come together as one and reach our potential in all that we do.


I look forward to an amazing year here at ACE. I want to communicate and work together throughout this entire process. The support, skills, and knowledge are here. Let’s use them to the fullest of our abilities and reach all the successes and goals we can!



Dan Tyner

Band Director

Academy for Classical Education

478-238-5757, ext. 2116


Statement of Purpose


At Academy for Classical Education, we believe that music can potentially shape and change every person’s life in a very different and unique way compared to any other course. As stated in the letter of introduction, our primary goal is to develop the students’ appreciation, understanding, and playing of music to the point that the student becomes a life-long musician. The students have the potential to become great musicians in a symphony, or a doctor that plays in a community orchestra or band one night a week, or simply a fan and supporter of music in the community in which they live. Our goal is for them to have a love and appreciation not only for music, but also for the process that it takes to make music on their own or with others.


Of course, as in any band program, we have musical goals we would like the program and our students to reach. But band and music offers much more than this. Being a part of a music program can also develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. We have to work together as one, in or for the band, both marching and concert, to be successful. Each individual has an important role in the success of the program; from the first chair to the person sitting in the last chair – they are a part of the whole and the quality of that whole. As musicians, we will always strive for perfection. But each performance is unique and special to that moment. Perfection may never be obtained, but will always be strived for from director to student. This is why music is so important to the education of our students.


The path we must travel in order to reach these goals is rewarding, but at the same time very challenging. Only through the positive efforts of everyone; students, director, parents, can this program reach its true potential of excellence. 


Program Structure


            The ACE Band program contains a number of unique components intended to provide the best well-rounded overall band experience. Through out the year, these components are offered as actual classes and some we hope to offer as before or after school activities. At this time we offer 6th , 7th, and 8th Grade Band classes.

In the 2014-2015 school year, we hope to offer Jazz Band and Brass and Woodwind Ensembles (After School Program), and maybe even a Pep Band to help with Spring sport activities. All of these classes and activities perform in some manner through out the year. Attendance for ALL performances and practices will be expected from all band members. The class to which you are assigned depends upon individual performance level, and instrumentation needs.  Students are placed according to the band director’s recommendation. It is imperative that a sequential order of classes be established if we are to address the needs of each student on their level. Each band needs the absolute involvement and dedication from each of its members if the ACE bands are to establish a tradition of excellence.