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Visual Arts

Statement of Purpose

At the Academy for Classical Education, we believe that Visual Arts can potentially shape and change every person’s life in a very different and unique way compared to any other course. Our primary goal is to develop the students’ appreciation, understanding, and creating of art to the point that the scholar becomes a life-long Artist. These scholars have the potential to become great full-time artists, or a lawyer that creates art as a part-time hobby to relax after stressful days at the office, or simply a fan and supporter of the arts in the community in which they live. Our goal is for them to have a love and appreciation not only for art but also for the process that it takes to make art on their own or with others.


About our instructors


Grammar School - Vidhi Patel

Ms. Vidhi Patel is the Grammar school art teacher. She graduated from Mercer University with a bachelors degree in early childhood education/special education. She also has an associates degree in arts from Middle Georgia State University.  Ms. Patel teaches all of K-5 students which is approximately 865 scholars. She started her teaching career at the Academy for Classical Education in 2016. In the classroom, scholars will focus on the 7 elements of art (line, color, texture, shape, space, value and form). Scholars will learn to improve their skills by understanding the different types of art materials. They will also explore both contemporary and historical artists and artworks. Scholars will learn to work with all types of media, including, coloring pencils, markers, watercolors, paint and clay. Our main goal is to create lifelong artists who love creating art.


Jr.High - Chad Dowdell

Mr. Chad Dowdell graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in art education. He started his teaching career at ACE in 2014. "It has been very rewarding teaching children what they are capable of as young creatives," stated Mr. Dowdell. The arts allow for a wide range of skills and techniques that we develop throughout the semesters - everything from sculpting clay with our bare hands to learning how physics can be used to help us create one of a kind paintings. With the Junior High scholars, Mr. Dowdell focuses on teaching them the principles of design to compose aesthetically pleasing artworks, while playing off of the 7 elements of art that they learned from going through the grammar school art classes. He gives a broad range of projects based on many different mediums to help scholars find a focus on which they might want to pursue into their high school career.


Sr. High - Dannah Minton

Ms. Dannah Minton graduated from Mercer University with a bachelor's degree in art education. She began her teaching career at Southwest High School. She later transferred to Westside High School and then started the art program at ACE in 2014. Ms. Minton teaches a variety of subjects including Visual Arts, Ceramics and Drawing & Painting.