Our Mascot

What are the qualities of the gryphon that seemed perfect to serve as the symbol of ACE and to grace the crest of our institution? First and foremost, the dual nature of the gryphon (upper body of an eagle, lower body of a lion) is symbolic of the dual nature of ACE as a charter school, because charters are the very best combinations of both public and private school. 

In Greek mythology, gryphons guarded the gold of the Hyperboreans. At ACE, we will guard the incredibly valuable ACE Scholars and work to increase that wealth through rigor and discipline.

Legend has it that the gryphon was incredibly intelligent. Our ACE Scholars will be known for their intelligence and academic achievements.

To the Romans, gryphons were symbols of strength and intelligence and their figures were often used to guard homes. Even today people use the symbol of the gryphon in the stonework or on concrete pillars as if to appear to guard the entrance of a building. Our ACE Scholars will grow to be determined and persistent individuals who learn to make good decisions for their lives based on the knowledge they have acquired.

In the modern world, the picture of the gryphon is used as the insignia for many major corporations and sometimes for college sports teams because of the qualities associated with the creature:  nobility, leadership, courage, loyalty, majestic and terrifying if challenged, just the qualities we believe those at ACE should aspire to have. 

And in the final analysis, we hope that the symbol of the gryphon will motivate all of us associated with ACE that when confronted with adversity we will fly above it, and when that is not possible, we will confront it squarely. And like the formidable gryphon, we will always be loyal to those who care for and about us.