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Student Performance and Assessment

The Academy for Classical Education administers all standardized tests required by the School District and the State Department of Education based on the School District’s testing calendar. The Academy for Classical Education provides results of these tests and other data relating to the performance goals to the School District and prepares and provides an annual report to parents/guardians, the State Board, the Board and the community by October 1 of each year in the format required by the State.


For students in grades 6, 7 and 8 the Academy for Classical Education and the state of Georgia Department of Education measure student performance through report cards, informal benchmark assessments, the Milestones, AP exams, and as if this year, will offer the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (the “PSAT”) in October to the 10th grade students. 

The Milestones are a statewide single-point-in-time test, aligned with the State’s performance standards, that covers limited grades and subjects each year. The table below summarizes for the past two years the Academy for Classical Education students’ scores that met or exceeded the standards in every test grade and subject.