Teaching Staff

In selecting teaching staff, the Academy for Classical Education management states it focuses on an applicant’s strong academic preparation, professional competence, intellectual thoroughness, emotional maturity, enthusiastic professional attitude, knowledge of instructional practices and ability to contribute to the advancement of the school mission.  Emphasis is placed on the candidate’s academic records, professional certification and the candidate’s relevant experience. Teachers at the Academy for Classical Education must hold a baccalaureate degree relevant to the field being taught.  Special education teachers, are also required to have certification from the Georgia Professional Standards Committee.


Teachers at ACE are responsible for implementing the curriculum. The guiding motto of ACE is that ACE is a place where teachers can teach, and students will learn.  As such, the classroom experience for students is considered sacrosanct.  Para-professionals work in conjunction with the teachers in grades Kindergarten through third grade to ensure that students receive support as needed.  In addition, ACE employs other para-professionals to assist specific special needs students as well as an EIP Teacher to provide early intervention services for the youngest students.


ACE currently has 166 certified personnel:

  • 21 Paraprofessionals
  • 67 hold a T4 certificate
  • 63 hold a T5 certificate
  • 13 hold a T6 certificate
  • 2 hold a Y7 certificate